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When it comes to helping around the house, men have some genetic challenges.  Hunter/gatherers were not built to dust the living room.  But the kitchen has tools, gadgets and fire.

Real men cook.

Cooking is one of the things that makes us human and as humans we are not always logical, sometimes a bit flaky and often distracted by strange things.  And when men and women get together to raise a family, all these things can happen at once.

To make matters worse, I am a food studies nerd, a business person and a college instructor.  My wife, referred to in this blog as BMW (see this post for the details), keeps me and two teenagers pointed in the right direction.  When Dad Cooks is a place for thoughts about feeding a family of foodies, fatherly observations about family life, and musings about food's role just about everything.

All from a self-confessed middle-aged guy who thinks way too much about the world while he cooks.

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