Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Changing the Oil

So, my wife and I were going out for the evening.  It wasn't a coat and tie kind of night (almost never is in Austin, a town where you can go just about anywhere in shorts and sandals), but it was a "dinner and a play" night so I wanted to be presentable.  She had just bought me a new polo shirt and when I paired it with khakis I thought the combination looked pretty sharp.  So, I sidled up to her and said something in that  "I'm your man" kind of way a husband with ideas sometimes does (if you know what I mean and I think you do).
She appraised me briefly, then smoothed my collar and ran her hands down over my shoulders.  Wait for it, wait for it.  Patting my chest, she said, "Try not to get olive oil on it."
For some men, the indelible stains on the shirt are 10W-30 motor oil.  For me, they are most likely extra-virgin olive oil.

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